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The Philadelphia Recording Sessions

These are the production-liner notes for the songs I chose to sing in this session, recorded November 30th - December 1st, 2018, at Bill Jolly Studios, Philadelphia, PA

Be Thankful for What You Got:

My producer brought this song to me. It’s not one I probably would have picked, but when I really sat down and listened to the lyrics, I realized exactly why he picked it. I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for every single turn of events in my life that have led me down this musical journey, and this song really expresses that.

Fell in Love with a Boy:

This was a song that was on the very first setlist I used with Davi & The Fuzz. I’ve always loved Joss Stone and this funky bass line makes everyone nod their head. When my producer showed me the live video of Joss singing this song and ending with a medley into a reggae tune, I was sold!

Love is a Losing Game:

The lyrics in this song are really what get to me. In a live performance, Amy talks about how she wrote this song at a time in her life when the relationships she was in were tumultuous. I think a lot of people get to a point where you question love and wonder if it is worth it you know? When we were recording the video in the studio, Bill asked me to think about someone- like really think about someone when I was singing it. It changed the whole vibe, I really felt this one.

No Diggity:

No Diggity is nostalgic for me. It was a very popular song when I was a young kid. We took a “Post Modern Jukebox” approach on this one and made the beginning of the song a sultry jazzy number then transitioned it into a fun neo-soul vibe. I love making old songs sound new and giving new songs a classic sound.

Soulful Dress:

Classic Sugar Pie! My drummer came to rehearsal one day and said, “Hey Davi, you gotta check this chick out I think you would really like her.” I went down a deep Sugar Pie rabbit hole and stumbled upon “Soulful Dress.” Something about that song stood out to me. Fun, Sassy, Flirty. Also, I had to do a Sugar Pie song since I was working with her producer, Bill Jolly!

You Sent Me Flying:

I wanted an Amy Winehouse song that was less well-known. This is one of her more obscure songs that really showcases my upper register. I love the piano arrangement and I believe the (Latin beat? Whats the right word here?) really adds a lot to the song.

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