Davi is a Portland-based soul singer/songwriter. She performs frequently in both Oregon and California. From a small town in Northern California, Princeton, Davi moved to Portland in 2015 and quickly began her singing career. Without any prior singing experience, Davi started her first band, Davi & The Fuzz, with her guitarist (John Porter) over 3 years ago.  Over time she has sat in with various local artists & bands, sang at the Waterfront Blues Fest with a James Brown Tribute Band led by Trumpeter Farnell Newton, sang backups for multiple indie artists, performed in a handful of local TV and web radio appearances as well as formed a local blues/jazz trio called Davi & The PSA (Paul Stewart, Andrew Deetz, Charles Neal) and a soul/funk band called The Sol Syndicate (Paul Stewart, Agyei Marshall, Justin Calhoun). Davi's first large showcase put on by Davi-Music, The Jack London Revue and Soul'd Out Music Productions, A Tribute To Amy Winehouse, was a sold-out success and followed up shortly by another sold-out show, A Tribute To Etta James.



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